2020/2021 EGO SUNSENSE
10 – 13 March 2022


An Important announcement

Dear Competitors,

As the close of entries for the Australasian Show Horse & Rider Championships approaches, feedback indicates competitors have concerns about the lack of stabling available and border restrictions.

If you intend to compete at the 2020/2021 Nationals, you must ENTER by the closing date/time, NO late entries will be accepted.

Over the weekend and on Monday entries will be sorted to establish:

  1. How many horses will be attending
  2. How many horses overlap from Child’s classes to Open Classes
  3. How many horses are coming with one owner

An option we are exploring is splitting the show into two sections with a day turnover in the middle where horses only competing in, say, Child’s classes will be required to leave the venue by mid-morning. This will hopefully allow time for stables to be turned over ready for the other section e.g., Open to arrive late afternoon. Note: Open may be scheduled as the first section – it depends on horse numbers.

Note:  It is unlikely horses will be stabled in State Teams, horses expected to leave after the first section will be stabled in the same rows to facilitate efficient turnover.   

The Organising Committee will be meeting on Monday evening, following on from this on Tuesday they will release a timetable to best suit stabling as many horses as possible by splitting sections. The event will be run outdoors, and two rings will be utilised.

If, when the timetable is released, you are unable to compete, or the stabling outcome is not suitable, you may withdraw your entry and receive a full refund less the administration fee.  All withdrawals must be received by 9pm (EST) on Thursday 27 January. After that time the normal refund policy, as stated in the schedule, will apply.  To obtain a refund competitors must log into their Nominate account to scratch their entry by 9pm (EST) on 27 January.  If you are having trouble logging in please call Nominate 07 3118 9555

If there is an exceptionally large number of withdrawals and it becomes not financially viable to deliver the show the OC will cancel the show.

If you take the opportunity to withdraw with a full refund by 9pm on Thursday 27 January, and subsequently, some stables ‘drop from heaven’ there will be no opportunity to re-enter.

Note: ‘third’ place entries in the Child’s section may/may not receive stabling.  

It is YOUR choice to enter this show, it is NOT compulsory to enter.

We know the situation is not ideal for organisers or competitors, however it is what we have been presented with and must work with to try and hold the Nationals.